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Have you ever wondered what an oil painting smells like? In addition to the prestige of hanging an original piece of art to your wall, you will also reap the aromatic benefits of owning an oil painting. Ok, it’s really not that strong especially after being varnished, but I hope you’ll do me the honor of giving it a sniff, should you choose to support Stephanie Hilen’s goals and dreams with the purchase of an original oil painting!

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Stephanie Hilen

I am an oil and watercolor painter living in the horse capital of the world, Lexington, Kentucky with my husband, two crazy cats, and a fun-loving corgi. Aside from my cozy home studio, I consider anywhere that inspires me to be the perfect place to sketch or paint plein air.

When I’m not creating, I enjoy trying all the local coffee shops, taking photos of horses at any of the 450 horse farms in Lexington, window shopping at the Summit at Fritz Farm, and watching UK games with the family.